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Diablo 2 mmBot 5.44 FINAL
Cheers; mm.BOT is actually working in 1.11... Well, the pindle+eldritch in Hell is a bit too hard yet, but im close to get it, btw my sorce continue to run in NM until i get decent stuff... using 3 cdkeys, and after setting the bot correctly this nice shit make 60 runs / hours.... without any realm down. (lighning sorce..)

Btw i actually kill 1400 * 2 == 2800 bosses / day.... When i will get good weapon for merc the hell will give me all i need before all others. For ppl that dont have multiple cd-keys it down to 'only' arround 900 / day 18-19 runs / hour is still the actual Blizzard Quotas.

This bot is hard to setup but when you got it, its just a pro thing, very stable and with good logs that dont lies. It's 100% pixel analysis, graphical IDING, items database and much damn things are possible... Its maybe the most undetectable bot since it do not interact with game memory space... If you are bored about waiting some d2jsp maybe for some WEEKS... u can try it, simply. Hope you will get it. All is in docs and in the website.