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Diablo 2 Loader
D2 Loader last update 7 July

Removed any existing v1.10 plugins - they will likely crash. Then copy the .exe to your Diablo II directory and run it or whatever you want to do with it. Below are some useful command line parameters you may wish to use:

-w Run in windowed mode.
-ns Disable sound (warning, can cause some crashes)
-nohide Don't hide the Diablo II window when losing focus.
-res800 Start at 800x600 (avoids window moving off-centre on load)
-sleepy Call sleep(1) to avoid D2 using 100% CPU time.
-title "foo" Set the Diablo II window title to foo.
-mpq foo.mpq Load foo.mpq (useful for additional CD keys)
-skiptobnet Skip straight to the BNet login screen.

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